100m Laser Rangefinder Digital Distance Meter
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100m Laser Rangefinder Digital Distance Meter

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Utilizing precision laser technology, the LOMVUM laser distance meter kit provides fast, easy, and accurate measurements every time you use it. Pocket-sized for easy portability, this handy tool offers length, area, and volume measurements in inches, feet, and metric units.

The Compact Laser Measuring Tool measures and displays length; calculates and displays area; and displays continually updated measurements as you move it toward or away from the target.
Ideal for interior decorating, remodeling, floor and wall coverings, real estate estimation and appraisal, it is the quick, easy and accurate way to measure, even at walking-out distances.

1. TWO bubble levels, which can check whether the laser is vertical/horizontal in the object.
2. 20 units data storage.
3. High accuracy as 1.5mm and wide measuring range up from 40m to 120m.
4. Set up front / rear benchmark.
5. Large LCD with backlight.

Specifications Product Information
Model LV-B Power AAA 1.5V × 2pcs 
Accuracy (in) ±0.06 in Product Color Orange and Black
Measuring Distance (m) 40/50/60/80/100m Product Net Weight 76g
Unit m/in/ft Product Size 4.5 x 1.9 x 1.1 inch
Laser Class 630-670 nm, II class Standard Individual Packaging Laser meter, bag, laser receiver, lanyard
Continuous Measurement Data Storage 20
Area/Volume Calculation Measurement times per batteries more than 5000 times
Pythagoras Theorem Calculation Operate Temperature 0C ~ 40C
Add/Subtract Bubble Level 2
Length Add/Subtract Auto Laser Off
Area Add/Subtract Auto Power Off
Volume Add/Subtract MAX/MIN

Package Included:

1 x LOMVUM 40m/50m/60m/80m/100m Laser Rangefinder 
2 x AAA 1.5V Rechargable Batteries
1 x Charger
1 x 
Laser Receiver
1 x Portable Bag
1 x Lanyard

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