150 LED Solar Powered Flood Light Motion Sensor Light Control Wall Lamp for Outdoor Garden Path
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150 LED Solar Powered Flood Light Motion Sensor Light Control Wall Lamp for Outdoor Garden Path

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Material: ABS + Aluminium
LED Source: 150pcs 3528 LED
Lumens: 1200lm
Rated Power: 3.7W
Solar Panel: 6V,6W
Light color: pure white/ warm white
Battery: lithiumin battery 4000mAh
Induction area: 5-7m
Waterproof: IP65
Charger time: over 8 hours (intensity of sunlight in different seasons will affect the charging efficiency)
Working time: 7-9 Hours (the case base on the charge capacity is more than 90%)
Solar panel size: 18×29cm (L×W)
Flood light size: 13.2×18cm (L×W)

Suitable for pathway, lawn landscape, garden, backyard, hotel and other occasions.
It can be used as wall light, street light, lawn light, etc.
Easy to install and remove.
Durable, energy-saving and long services.
Smart auto switch, extend lifespan of battery and work time.
1. Turn on the switch before use. The lamp connect solar panel into auto lighting controller condition.
2. During the day the lamp auto turn off, and solar panel absorb power stock electrical into battery. At night it auto turn on.
3. Solar panels need direct sunlight when charging.
4. When the solar panel is charging, should avoid shadows.
Radar human induction function
1. In the open environment, the human body sensing distance of 5-7 meters
2. The human body sensing function in the lithium battery voltage is too low sensitivity will be weakened to some extent, non-abnormal situation
3. Working mode, when someone close to the lamp ,the lamp automatically turn on to 100% bright, it will turn off after human left 15-20 seconds

Package included:
1X solar panel
1X flood light
1X installation tool