3 In 1 Red Green Blue Light Lawn Insertion Pool Diving Solar Spotlight
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3 In 1 Red Green Blue Light Lawn Insertion Pool Diving Solar Spotlight

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1. Light color: red, blue, green
2. Solar panel power: 6V 3.5W
3. Built-in battery: 1 18650 lithium battery / 3.7V2200MAH / cycle life 500 times
4. Number of lamp holders: 3 waterproof projection lamp holders
5. Material: ABS high temperature resistant material
6. Charging time: about 8 hours full (the intensity of sunlight in different seasons will affect the charging efficiency)
7. Lighting time: about 20 hours lower when fully charged, and about 10 hours when highlighted
8. Waterproof grade: IP68, can be immersed in water for a long time, can also be used for land lawn

Operation method
1. Fix the solar panel movement box on the ground or wall.
2. Make sure the solar panel is not blocked to ensure sunlight.
3. Place the lamp head where you want the lighting, such as lawn, pool, both sides of the road, etc.
4. Turn on the power switch on the back of the solar panel movement box, the lamp will be automatically charged during the day and automatically lit at night.
5. Press the mode button to change the lighting mode.

1. Since the charging effect of solar panels depends on the intensity of sunlight, the LED lighting time is affected by factors such as weather, season, and location.
2. To ensure the solar panel charging efficiency, please regularly adjust the angle of the solar panel and clean the surface of the solar panel.
3. Do not hit the product, otherwise it may cause irreversible damage.
4. The puncture of the product is sharp, so be careful when using it. Do not let children play with it.