ACR122 NFC RFID USB Noncontact Smart Card Reader, Read Write Speed up to 212Kbps/242Kbps
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ACR122 NFC RFID USB Noncontact Smart Card Reader, Read Write Speed up to 212Kbps/242Kbps

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About the product
1. ACR122 is a frequency of 13.56MHz RF technology developed PC-linked smart card readers, in line with ISO / IEC18092 (NFC) standards. It not only supports Mifare cards and ISO 14443-compliant Class A and B class card, but also supports NFC and FeliCa contactless technologies.
2. In addition, ACR122 is a line of USB CCID standard hot-swap device is ideal for both secure personal identity verification and online micro-payment applications. In addition, it can be widely used in access control, e-payment, e-ticketing bus, highway toll systems, network authentication, logistics and supply chain management.
3. ACR122 is a USB full-speed device (12 Mbps), capable of a speed of 212 Kbp, 242Kbp read NFC tags, therefore this device relative to similar devices, which read and write faster and more efficient. The non-contact operation of the label may be, up to 5cm, but also add a radio frequency amplifier according to the customer's requirements in order to enlarge the effective operating distance, especially suitable for logistics and supply chain management applications.
4. In order to improve the safety factor, you can choose to configure a standard in line with ISO7816-3 SAM slot in the ACR122. In addition, ACS ACR122 module can also be provided to facilitate large-scale embedded devices, such as POS terminals, physical access devices and vending machines.

1. USB Full-Speed (12 Mbps)
2. Support USB hot swap
3. Two-color LED status indicator
4. Built-in antenna
5. NFC Reader
6. In line with ISO / IEC 18092 (NFC) standard
7. 212Kbps, 242Kbps speed read NFC tags
8. Contactless smart card reader
9. Support FeliCa card
10. It supports ISO 14443-compliant Class A and Class B card
11. MIFARE cards (Classics, DESFire)
12. CCID compliant
13. Pass CE and FCC certification, RoHS compliant
14. User controllable buzzer (optional)
15. SAM card slot (optional)

1. Online banking and online shopping
2. E-business
3. Wallet Balance Inquiry
4. Network Access
5. Customer Loyalty
6. Authentication
7. Ticketing
8. Online Betting
9. Parking fee system
10. Automatic toll collection system
11. Public transit
12. Access Control System
13. Check on work attendance
14. Vending Machine
15. Contactless public phones
16. Logistics and Supply Chain Management