BENETECH GM8802 Carbon Dioxide Meter
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BENETECH GM8802 Carbon Dioxide Meter

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About the product
1. The carbon dioxide tester applies to the continuous online detection and site sound-light alarm of carbon dioxide concentration in various industrial environment and special environment, which functions as early warning for operation safety on the dangerous site.
2. Using the imported electrochemical sensor and microcontroller technologies, the instrument is featured by stable signal, high precision and good repeatability and other merits, and its explosion-proof connection mode applies to various dangerous sites.
3. It can provide 24 hours continuous real-time monitoring of indoor carbon dioxide concentration, display date, detection time, temperature and humidity data on the detection site automatically.
4. This instrument is compatible with various control alarms, PLC, DCS and other control systems, which can realize site alarm, remote monitoring and alarm function at the same time.

1. Sound-light alarm setting
2. Low battery indication
3. LCD backlight display
4. Temperature unit switch
5. Data and time setting
6. Support carbon dioxide gas detection
7. Maximum value, minimum value and data hold
8. Data display format: YMD or MDY switch