Constant Temperature Mixing Thermostat Valve Water Heater Silver 20-50C
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Constant Temperature Mixing Thermostat Valve Water Heater Silver 20-50C

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Constant Temperature Mixing Thermostat Valve Water Heater Silver 20-50°C

The so-called constant temperature refers to the pre-set temperature, in a certain range, hot and cold water supply temperature and pressure changes, and constant temperature inside the internal automatic adjustment, always make the water temperature stability in your pre-set temperature (floating Range 1). Constant temperature control is the mixed water outlet temperature, that is, the terminal water temperature.
-Safety:Our thermostatic faucet will automatically shut down in a short period of time when the hot water is lost (power outage) and will not cause the burner to be too high (or too low) to cause burns and discomfort.
-Constant temperature faucet can be equipped with constant temperature adjustment spool, in a very short period of time automatically balance the cold water and hot water pressure to keep the water temperature stability, no need to manually adjust.


Materials : copper
Working Pressure : 0.05-1Mpa
Ideal Pressure : 0.1Mpa-0.5Mpa more than the ideal pressure to install the valve
Cold Water Temperature : 5-29
Hot Water Temperature : 50-80 °Crecommended normal use temperature of 55-70 °C
Common Temperature Range : 20-50 °C
Set The Safety Twist Temperature : 38 °C
Cold Water Loss Test : cold water loss within 5 seconds to automatically drop the flow rate to 1.9 liters / min, the water flow ≤ 150ml, the water temperature ≤ 49 °C
Life Test : CSA B125-98 ASSE 1016 (≥100,000 cycles)
Opening Angle : up to 23°
Rotation Angle : up to 100°
Lock Nut Torque :10-12N.m

Package Includes:
1 x Constant Temperature Mixing Valve
2 x Fixed Nut
2 x Filter
1 x Wrench
1 x English Manual

The standard thermostatic faucet has a knob around it. 
The right knob adjusts the water temperature: twist forward, the water temperature drops; then twist, the water temperature rises, but twist to 40°C when it does not move. 
This is because the water temperature is more than 40°C when the skin is easy to burn, if you need a higher water temperature of the hot water, you must press the red button on the knob to hold back in order to continue to twist back. 
The left of the knob to control the way the water and water: scale alignment in the closed state; forward twist, the bottom of the water outlet water, the greater the amount of water forward;twist back, sprinkle the water, the greater the amount of water later.
The Use Of Thermostat Tips:
-Users with fine solid lumps in tap water are not suitable for use with thermostatic faucets;
-The presence of powdered sediments or soft foreign matter in tap water may reduce the sensitivity of the thermostatic spool and may also shorten the service life of the thermostatic faucet;
-Try to shorten the distance between the water heater and the faucet so that the hot water can reach the faucet as soon as possible;
-Normal use of water pressure of 0.05Mpa ~ 0.6Mpa;
-Hot and cold water supply pipe can not be installed wrong, hot water pipe must be on the left, cold water pipe must be on the right;
-Be sure to clean the installation site before installing the thermostat faucet to avoid damage to the leading apron, thread, thermostatic spool and other parts of the sandstone block;
-Please follow the instructions in the instructions to install, with particular attention not to leak, loss or damage to any gasket or apron;
-Thermostat itself does not have heating function, please water heater water temperature transferred to 60°C~ 85°C;
-Shower and shower tube can not withstand more than 60°C high temperature;
-After each use, be sure to adjust the left side of the water temperature adjustment knob below 40°C;
-If the difference between hot water and cold water is too large, adjust the bracket valve with a screwdriver. The use of gas water heater family need to pay attention to this point.