Durable Professional Eyebrow Tattoo Machine Kit Permanent Make Up Set For Practicing
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Durable Professional Eyebrow Tattoo Machine Kit Permanent Make Up Set For Practicing

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1.The needle hole is visible and applicable to a number of eyebrow streakers.
2.The replaceable needle holding tube is removable for cleaning and disinfection, it is also disposable for replacements and is free fromloosening and dropping.
3.The product in reference comes with a variable-speed switch on top of the device providing a handy and prompt adjustment of speed.
4.In order to keep the white colorant from back-flow into the needle hole and the needle holding tube (with the needle hole, the white colorant will generate back-flow and there is no way to stop it); the most effective prevention is to provide with a sponge to keep the colorant from back-flowing or another colorant to remove the back-flow for life span of the device.Features provided to fight the flaws in the eyebrow streakers available on the market:
(1)Detachable eyebrow streaker housing, protective tube and unit cover
(2)The needle holding tube, needle hole are accessible for cleaning and removal for periodical maintenance so as to extend the use of the device.
5. The vertical jump of the needle assures a stable operation and enhanced friction resistance as well as speeding handling as a compact and dut able unit.
6.By pushing up or pulling down the protective tube, the needle is duly ad - justed as a handy needle sleeve adjustment feature to insert the needle into skin to a fixed depth.
7.All products are subject to sterilization ruled by sanitary requirements and are packed in units bearing disinfection instructions, please dispose it after use.

Item Type: Eyebrow Tattoo Machine Kit
Voltage:100-240V 50/60Hz
Ouytput Voltage: 4.5V
Tattoo Machine Size:approx.13.5*1.5cm
Package Size:approx.25*16.2*5.5cm
Weight: about 526g

Package Includes:

1 X Eyebrow Tattoo Machine
1 X Power Supply
1 X Machine Maintenance Lubricating Oil Bottle
1 X Sponge
1 X Clip Needles
1 X Needle Cover
1 X Dry Cell Block Box
1 X Instruction
1 X Box
2 X Tattoo Embroidered Pigment (Black, Coffee)
2 X 3 Needles
3 X AA Batteries
5 X Single Needles
5 X Needle Mouth

Use Instruction:
1. Push the needle sleeve down while turning it to the fixed sport.
2. Pass the needle end through the sponge.
3.Insert the needle into the needle hole.
4.press the needle cover long with the streaking needle into the needle sleeve until it is firmly positioned.
5.Pull the needle sleeve to the fixed position.
6.Turn the switch on and adjust to reach the length of the needle, (between 0.06-0.lcm as suggested)
7.When using cell box, turn the speed switch on the streaking device to "1".

When streaking eyebrows, for full streaking, turn to "1", for trimming, turn to "2" or "3".
1.Please read carefully the Operation Instruction before use or check with the sales people.
2.To keep out infection by bacteria and safety of the customer, you are kindly requested to use brand new eyebrow streaking needles with casing and needle holding tube as well as sponge or Needle Sleeve.
3.After operation, the used eyebrow streaking needle,needle cover tube and sponge shall be removed and disposed accordingly.
4.After use, please check the needle holding tube, in case of remaining pigment between the needle holding tube and the sleeve, please remove the sleeve for cleaning or disinfection, then leave a drop of exclusive lubricant on the needle holding tube, then insert the interior needle into the needle holder and f