ESCAM G16 HD 1080P Mini WiFi IP Camera, Support TF Card / Night Vision / Motion Detection(Black)
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ESCAM G16 HD 1080P Mini WiFi IP Camera, Support TF Card / Night Vision / Motion Detection(Black)

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1. The device comes with its own AP, supports AP connection
2. After the device is connected to home WIFI, it can be accessed remotely
3. The use of megapixel high-definition sensor chip, effective resolution is 1080P
4. The device uses 2.8mm full glass wide-angle lens, the image is clear and delicate
5. The device built-in MIC and record video with audio
6. The device built-in 6 infrared LED lights, Dual IR-Cut filter auto switch;IR distance is 10m
7. The device work indicator can be turned on or off in the APP, and can be set according to actual needs
8. The device can set up motion detection alarm, and can push alarm information to mobile APP
9. Support max to 64G TF card storage, automatically cover, you can view the alarm video on the mobile APP
10. The device can be powered by mobile power and used outdoors, which is more convenient
11. Product size: 6.5x3.8x3.8cm

Model G16
Performance Motion detection, Night Vision
Memory TF Card, up to 64GB (not included)
Wireless WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz
System / Hardware
Image Sensor CMOS
Sensor Size 1/4 inch Progressive Scan
Lens 2.8mm, 90 Degree View Angle
Media Format
Video Compression Format H.264
Audio Compression Format G.711A
Night Vision
Infrared Distance 10m
Configuration 6 infrared LEDs
Physical Environment
Operate Temperature -10 to 60 Degree Celsius
Working Humidity 20 to 85 percent
Capacity 3200mAh
Work Time about 16 hours
Size 65x38x38mm
Weight 95g
Package Include
Package Contents 1 x Camera
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.20kgs / 0.44lb
Qty per Carton 40
Carton Weight 9.00kgs / 19.84lb
Carton Size 44cm * 38cm * 36cm / 17.32inch * 14.96inch * 14.17inch
Loading Container 20GP: 443 cartons * 40 pcs = 17720 pcs
40HQ: 1028 cartons * 40 pcs = 41120 pcs