ESCAM QF260 1080P Solar Panel IP66 Waterproof WiFi IP Camera, Support Motion Detection / Night Vision / TF Card / Two-way Audio (White)
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ESCAM QF260 1080P Solar Panel IP66 Waterproof WiFi IP Camera, Support Motion Detection / Night Vision / TF Card / Two-way Audio (White)

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1. Powered by 5200mAh polymer lithium battery, ultra-low power consumption, long time standby, and intelligent power saving function, standby time more than 180 days
2. Build-in TF card slot, support max up to 64GB(not included card)
3. 1/3 high-definition CMOS chip, resolution up to 2 Megapixel, 1920x1080P
4. Built-in low power infrared lamp, can effectively improve the night vision sharpness, max up to 15m IR range
5. Support motion detection, through the newest algorithm, the equipment push accurate alarm, reduce mistake report, it will make alarm record and save
6. No electricity required: solar and battery powered
7. No wiring needed: no need to thread wall, chisel a hole or destroy decoration
8. Supported Off-line operations :Be monitored without networking,support AP mode
9. Remote viewing: WIFI network can be viewed remotely
10. Human induction: take photos immediately upon inducing people
11. Privacy Protection: Local storage, no leaks
12. Induction street lamp:Sensing people at night,the lights will be automatically activated
13. Simple installation: self installation, no need to invite professional construction staff
14. Application Scope: doorstep, courtyard, fishpond, orchard, farm, mine, construction site and all places where it is not convenient to receive electrical wiring
15. Product size: 18x9x8cm
16. Solar panel size: 20x9.3cm

Model QF260
Memory TF Card, up to 64GB (not included)
Wireless WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz
System / Hardware
Image Sensor CMOS
Sensor Size 1/2.9 inch Progressive Scan
Pixels 2.0MP
Lens 4.0mm, 70 Degree View Angle
Media Format
Resolution 1920*1080
Night Vision
Infrared Distance 15m
Physical Environment
Ingress Protection IP67
Operate Temperature -10 to 60 Degree Celsius
Working Humidity 0 to 90 percent
Capacity 5200mAh
Size 195x100x95mm
Weight 800g
Package Include
Package Contents 1 x Camera
1 x Bracket
1 x User Manual
1 x WiFi Antenna
1 x Screws Set
1 x Tweezer
Package Weight
One Package Weight 1.46kgs / 3.22lb
Qty per Carton 12
Carton Weight 18.00kgs / 39.68lb
Carton Size 56cm * 46cm * 44cm / 22.05inch * 18.11inch * 17.32inch
Loading Container 20GP: 235 cartons * 12 pcs = 2820 pcs
40HQ: 546 cartons * 12 pcs = 6552 pcs