Godmorn Wine Aerator Decanter with Base for Red Wine Gift Magic Wine Decanter
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Godmorn Wine Aerator Decanter with Base for Red Wine Gift Magic Wine Decanter

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Description :

When we pour the wine into the fast decanter, its internal structure creates an environment where the flow rate increases but the pressure decreases. This environment allows the wine to contact the air in a large area, thereby accelerating the softening of red wine, removing bitterness and fully releasing the asleep aroma.
1. Through the full touch of red wine and air, the fragrance of red wine is completely emitted, and the dry taste of wine is greatly reduced;
2. It took only 0.1 seconds to complete the sobering that had previously taken 30 minutes to complete;
3. Only mobile phone-sized decanters can be carried around to allow friends to share the true taste of wine with you anywhere, anytime.
4. Avant-garde aesthetics, a symbol of personality and taste;
5. This product uses food safety grade materials and has been rigorously tested. Absolutely safe to use.
6. Note: Please keep away from heat, do not rinse at high temperature, avoid heavy pressure or throw hard.
Specification :

Material  Acrylic
Color  As Shown
Weight  442G

Package Includes :

1 x Godmorn Wine Aerator

Ultra-quick sobering speed, high-quality touch, food-grade materials, and fine materials can withstand any test.
Pouring wine mouth: large wine mouth, pouring wine easier, not easy to spill
Filter: stainless steel filter, fine mesh
Air inlet: hidden at the top, does not affect the overall appearance, air intake is more smooth, activate the body
Wine outlets: medium-sized wine outlets make the wine pleasantly aromatic