HXSJ A860 30fps 12 Megapixel 480P HD Webcam for Desktop / Laptop, with 10m Sound Absorbing Microphone, Length: 1.4m(Black)
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HXSJ A860 30fps 12 Megapixel 480P HD Webcam for Desktop / Laptop, with 10m Sound Absorbing Microphone, Length: 1.4m(Black)

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1. Photosensitive chip, sensitive to light, real-time detection of ambient light intensity, in the case of insufficient light, the fill light program is called to ensure that the image is clear and true.
2. The fill light system makes the product look like a night light.
3. Sensitive lens, enhanced color and dynamic capture, performance increased by more than 60% compared to ordinary lenses.
4. The camera pixel is interpolated by 12 million and the hardware is about 2 million pixels.
5. Precision optical large lens, high precision, no distortion of the picture, no loss of frame video.
6. Focusing the lens ring, silver plating process, the light does not fade for a long time.
7. Built-in microphone, 10 meters sound absorption, clear sound, full, real, sound absorption ability, anti-interference level is higher, no need to be close to speaking.
8. Full screen strength, can achieve 30 million interpolation pixels, the window picture is larger.
9. The angle control ball can be adjusted 360 degrees left and right and 36 degrees up and down to meet the needs of all angles.
10. Multi-function base for all kinds of computers, placed on the desktop or clipped to the LCD monitor/laptop. The base is affixed with a non-slip plastic film to effectively reduce friction and scratch the display. The base is opened about 75 degrees, and the clamping is most stable (the width can reach 35mm, and the ordinary liquid crystal width is within 20mm).
11. Dedicated USB cable, Apple-class high-speed transmission, enables high-pixel imaging to be smoothly transmitted to the video end, data transmission is faster, no need to install the driver.
12. Adopt ABS material, high temperature resistance, good insulation, stable imaging and reliable quality.
13. Mirror high-gloss process, black highlights, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.
14. Designed for laptops and desktops.
15. Automatic white balance, automatic color correction.

1. DSP chip: no driver.
2. Image sensor: CMOS.
3. Lens: High quality glass lens.
4. High definition: 12 million pixels.
5. Dynamic resolution: 640 x 480.
6. Frame rate: 30fps.
7. Focal length: 8 mm infinity.
8. Cable length: 140cm.
9. Product size: 5.5 x 3cm (L x D).
10. Product weight: 76g.
11. Interface: USB.
12. Support Windows XP / win2003 / win7 / win8 / Vista 32bit.
13. Support CC2000, AIM, Netmeeting, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and Skype.

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