ORICO 2518S3 USB3.0 External Hard Disk Box Storage Case for 7mm & 9.5mm 2.5 inch SATA HDD / SSD (Silver)
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ORICO 2518S3 USB3.0 External Hard Disk Box Storage Case for 7mm & 9.5mm 2.5 inch SATA HDD / SSD (Silver)

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1. 2.5 inch Hard Drive Enclosure.
2. Innovative storage, efficient hard drive enclosure: JMS controller; SATA III / 6Gbps; aluminum alloy chassis; fit for 2.5 inch SATA HDD / SSD.
USB3.0 to SATA3.0 program
3. Faster and no more waiting: USB3.0 to SATA3.0 program supports UASP protocol, which increases by 20% transfer speed for large capacity storage devices and reduces utilization of CPU, data delay and waiting time. 6 Gbps speed, stable transmission, adequate power supply and wide compatibility greatly improve working efficiency.
4. 6 Gbps transmission: The theoretical speed of SATA3.0 port is up to 6 Gbps, bringing you incredible user experience.
5. Aluminum chassis, Perfect heat dissipation: Made of aluminum alloy and ABS fireproof material, providing great heat dissipation for your hard drives, giving hard drive's performance into full play.
6. Renew old hard drives, Be your mobile database: Those old hard drives, 9.5mm or below SATA HDDs / SSDs can be used when put in our hard drive enclosure to be your mobile database, renewing your old hard drives.
7. Traditional installation, more tightly: Install it with screws, which makes hard drive tighter, avoiding bad contact. ABS plastic is heat-resistant and keeps hard drive safe.
8. Ultra durable: Gray / silver and aluminum chassis make it more beautiful and durable. USB port is tested many times, which is very hard-wearing.
9. Small size, wide compatibility: 2TB capacity allows you to store music, movie or picture freely, adequate power supply and no much trouble.
10. Multiple systems supported: Compatible with most of systems on the market such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Different systems, same fast transmission.
11. LED indicator, Master hard drive's operating state: 2518S3 is provided with soft LED indicator, which lights up blue that means it's normal and flashes blue and red that means hard drive is running, clear about working condition of hard drive.
12. Multi-safety protection: Built-in over current / voltage, electrical leakage, short circuit and clutter protection keep data transfer safer.
13. Application scenarios, Target customer: Easy storage any time any where
Fast transmission, intelligent storage, data protection. File storage for business elites; Power Point storage for speech makers; material storage for design elites; courseware storage for teachers or students.