RGB Diving Knob Aquarium Waterproof Light Underwater Submersible Lamp
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RGB Diving Knob Aquarium Waterproof Light Underwater Submersible Lamp

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R 300.27 R 359.30
Item Type:Underwater Lights
Application:Swimming Pool
Body Material:ABS
Features:Energy Saving, Long operating life
Light Source:LED Bulbs
Sizes: 7 x 2.5 cm
LED: SMD5050 RGB 3-in-1 full-color LED light
Power: 3 x AAA (7) dry battery (replaceable), price does not include battery
Five switches: Install the battery to illuminate the application with the remote control to enable the LED lights to turn on, off and various color changes, gradients, jumps, speeds, brightness changes
1. Waterproof candle adopts advanced LED lighting technology and high waterproof function, which can directly put the bulb into the water. These 10 remote heads can be controlled by the remote control within 10 meters.
2. Waterproof candle light is used for a long time, it looks very beautiful in the water, very beautiful; especially in the occasion when the ambient light is not very bright (evening), for various PARTY, the party effect is particularly obvious, bar or family dinner, or Flower pots, fish tanks. With it, it will add more fun...
3. LED light color: color can be changed to single red, green, blue, pink, purple, yellow and other 16 different colors.
4. The product is both realistic and safe, and produces bright and colorful colors when working: warm red, romantic warm blue, youthful green, long and charming yellow, mysterious and subtle purple...

1 x lamp