tens Abdominal Muscle Building Equipment
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tens Abdominal Muscle Building Equipment

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Type: CR8(6pcs gel sticks packing in a bag), CR9(2pcs 
packing in a bag)
Color: Green+White

1. Soft gel stick, comfortable body feeling.
2. Specialized for CR8/CR9 ABS equipment.
3. There are two types of ABS equipment, CR8 gel stick only suitable for CR8 ABS equipment,
CR9 gel stick only suitable for CR9 equipment, please choose correct one before purchasing.

Use Direction:
1. Seperate green film from gel stick.
2. Stick it on the main device, after sticking firmly, pull out the transparent film slightly.
3. Use finished, place the main device on the board, and put it in storage bag.

Package Included:
1 x ABS Gel Tape Stick Pack

Only gel stick included, ABS equipment is not included.