TMOK 1/2 Inch Brass Ball Valves for Water Oil Gas
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TMOK 1/2 Inch Brass Ball Valves for Water Oil Gas

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Material Brass
Model DN15(1/2 Inch)
Ball Chrome-plated brass
Stem Brass
Seats PTFE
Gaskets PTFE
Handle Plated Steel
Handle Cover Rubber
MPA 1.6mpa
Working Temperature -10*C~120*C
Hole Diameter 13.5mm
Length Size 60mm
Height Size 42mm

a.Durable and easy to install.
b. Brass Ball Valves are an economical alternative to stainless steel versions. Rated at 600 PSI (water, oil, and gas), these full port valves are strong enough for many applications.
c.Their full port design allows unrestricted flow to reduce cavitation and pressure drop.

d Forged brass for higher corrosion resistance than steel.
e. Plastic-covered lever handle for on/off manual control.
f Full port flow for higher operating efficiency than standard port.
g Inline valve for connecting two pipes going in the same direction.
h.Female NPT threads for connecting to male threaded pipe fittings.
i Product contains brass which does not meet federal and state requirements for drinking water.

Package Included
1Pcs Brass Ball Valve