W10 1080P Home Long-distance Security HD Infrared Night Vision Camera
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W10 1080P Home Long-distance Security HD Infrared Night Vision Camera

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R 751.40
1. 1080P HD resolution, built-in 2 million pixel HD lens
2. 8 infrared night vision lights in the machine
3. Built-in wide-angle lens to expand the scope of shooting scenes
4. Comes with Wifi hotspot, you can also take video without internet
5. Motion detection alarm is guarded 24 hours a day, and the mobile phone comes with real-time reminder to let you know the situation better
6. Support 8GB-128GB memory card
7. Built-in high-definition pickup, clear sound quality without noise
8. Magnet adsorption bracket, can rotate 360 degrees, meet any angle of any scene
9. Support system: IOS/Android
10. Size: 39x39x24mm

Model W10
Power Supply DC 5V
Performance Motion detection, Night Vision
Memory TF Card, up to 128GB (not included)
System / Hardware
Mobile Access Android, iPhone OS
Lens 90 Degree View Angle
Media Format
Video Compression Format H.264
Resolution 1080P
Image compression JPG
Night Vision
Configuration 8 infrared LEDs
Size 39x39x24mm
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.13kgs / 0.28lb
Qty per Carton 100
Carton Weight 13.50kgs / 29.76lb
Carton Size 24cm * 20cm * 25cm / 9.45inch * 7.87inch * 9.84inch
Loading Container 20GP: 2222 cartons * 100 pcs = 222200 pcs
40HQ: 5158 cartons * 100 pcs = 515800 pcs